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The Investigative Desk Newsletter Q2

By Marcel Metze, | 11 July, 2022

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Dear reader,

In this newsletter, we present you eight of the investigations we published in Q2 of this year. They are a selection, you can find more publications on our website.

Of course all our investigations are important but in this newsletter I recommend three in particular:

  • Laurens Groeneveld and Lennart Hofman, our two new defence & security editors, investigated the problems NATO has in quickly transporting troops and military equipment towards Eastern Europe.
  • Lucien Hordijk wrote an extremely thorough report (Haggling with Scientific Evidence) on the way the Dutch health authorities approved three expensive centres for proton therapy, despite a lack of hard evidence that this therapy is more effective than conventional radiation techniques.
  • Tim Luimes and Tomas Vanheste revealed how the Belgian authorities systematically ignored the long-term PFOS  pollution caused by a 3M factory near Antwerp. They are now expanding their investigation to other European countries, in collaboration with Le Monde, La Repubblica and Der Spiegel.

All three stories are in Dutch but nowadays’ translation software may help you to get an impression of the contents. Should you want a full translation for re-publication, we can provide that.

In ‘the making of’, Tim Luimes gives you background information about the investigation we did with Le Monde into the way the tobacco industry and the American ‘libertarian’ movement are trying to influence EU-policies (published november 2021).

At the end of Q2, we published our director’s report and financial report for 2021. Both will give you an extensive insight in the way we try to improve our journalistic quality and our organisational efficiency.

As always, we hope you appreciate our work and will consider a donation.


Marcel Metze
editor-in-chief & director

Amsterdam, June 2022

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