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The Investigative Desk Newsletter / June 2024

By Marcel Metze, | 6 June, 2024

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Dear reader,

In this newsletter you will find some of our publications from the first six months of this year.

In ‘The making of’, Olaf Geurts explains how he investigated the legal and fiscal constructions ExxonMobil uses for its oil explorations off the coast of Guyana. These structures helped the company to avoid billions of eurosin taxes via the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

In another story, Tim Luimes details the tax avoidance practices of Chemours, a producer of pfas chemicals, which owns a large production facility in the Netherlands.

We also investigated a series of cyber hacks of Dutch wind parks, delaying their ability to produce power and our third ‘Beyond Nicotine’ investigation has been recently published.

In March, we finalized a grant agreement with the Democracy & Media Foundation, which is based in Amsterdam. The foundation will help us set up an investigative programme in the realm of legal journalism.

If you haven’t already read them in the media, I hope you will enjoy these stories. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know – we’ll be glad to clarify or respond.

I thank our funders and private donors for their generous support, and I gladly invite you to join their ranks!

Best regards,
Marcel Metze

editor-in-chief and director

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