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The Investigative Desk Newsletter Q3 2022

By The Investigative Desk, | 10 October, 2022

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Dear reader,

In this newsletter we present you two of our recent publications and offer you a preview on some of our projects ‘in progress’.

Our trainee Olivia Den Hollander investigated the Dutch Institute for Financial Disputes and found that it does not protect the consumers’ interests as well as it should. In ‘the making of’ section she discusses her experiences during the research.

Our editor Manon Dillen worked with Tempo Magazine (Indonesia) to investigate how tobacco producer Philip Morris manages to create financial advantages all along its production chain and transfers around an estimated hundred million euros in profits annually from Indonesia to Switzerland.

We were shocked to hear that the General Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands (Algemene Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst, AIVD) has been monitoring our editor Stella Braam for 35 years. Stella has started legal proceedings to acquire more details and The Investigative Desk has launched a campaign to support these financially. You may join this campaign via our donations button (IDEAL payments only) or by a bank transfer (details may be acquired via

Thank you for your attention.
Best regards,

Marcel Metze
October 2022

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