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The Investigative Desk Newsletter January 2023

By The Investigative Desk, | 10 February, 2023

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Hi there,

We’re a little late this year with our Q4 2022 newsletter, so we decided to include it in our January 2023 one.

I will write my full-scale director’s report on 2022 in the coming spring, as soon as our financial report is available. You may be interested in a preliminary overview, so here are some main points:

  • We saw quite a few changes in our staff. Four editors left, four others joined us. We were particularly happy to welcome Lennart Hofman and Laurens Groeneveld, who have been working hard to set up our defence & security desk. You will find two of their stories in this newsletter.
  • We also welcomed two new members in out Supervisory Board: Ad van Liempt and Mireille Derks, both with extensive experience in journalism and the media.
  • Starting January 2023, Geesje van Haren has joined our staff on a parttime basis to help coaching our projects and develop new publication and funding strategies. Geesje will continue running her own VersPers organisation, which manages a journalistic training program) and the Lost in Europe project, a network of journalists across Europe, who are publishing on migration issues.
  • Our international collaborations have been growing continuously. We now have journalistic and media partners in Belgium, Estonia, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Ukraïne, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Nigeria and Kenya.

In 2022, we were able to increase both our budget and our number of publications about ten percent. In our first year of existence, 2019, we published 6 investigations. We ended 2022 with 30. We expect a similar number this year.

We couldn’t have done this work without the support of our donors, both big and small.
Thank you all.

For those of you who contributed to Stella Braams legal support: the total amount raised was 2,250 euros. On behalf of Stella: thank you.

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Best regards,

Marcel Metze
editor-in-chief and director
January 2023

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