We are a co-operative of highly specialised investigative journalists. We focus on multinational companies and their interactions with politicians, government officials and public institutions in Europe and elsewhere. In our view, thorough investigations – preferably in cross-border, multi-disciplinary collaboration – are fundamental for developing the ground-breaking and change-generating reports we want to offer the public.


Our reporters focus on the defence & security, energy, food, pharmaceutical & healthcare, and tobacco industries.


NATO in deep water because of Chinese port investments

Port terminals in European cities such as Gdynia, Rotterdam and Antwerpen-Zeebrugge are crucial logistic hubs for the arrival of US Armed Forces and equipment for …


Philip Morris pulls the strings in Indonesian production chain

From tobacco paradise Indonesia to tax paradise Switzerland: tobacco company Philip Morris makes hundreds of millions euros in profit by advantages it created along the …


Consumers left in the cold at Dutch Institute for Financial Disputes

Consumers and small entrepreneurs who have a complaint against their bank or insurer, can submit it to the Dutch Institute for Financial Disputes “Klachteninstituut Financiële …

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To spread our findings as widely as possible, we seek active cooperation with public and professional media in all forms (print, television, radio and Internet).