Credit: Jasper Rietman

Revealed: Europe’s production of crucial ammunition fails to meet Brussels’ promises to Ukraine

By Laurens Groeneveld, Iliès Hagoug | 8 July, 2024

Europe says it will produce some 1.5 million shells by the end of the year and send many to Ukraine, where they’re set to play a “game changing” role in defence against Russia. An investigation shows that the bloc is falling far short of producing the promised numbers, putting not only the security of Ukraine but also of Europe at risk.

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Thanks to all journalists who collaborated on this cross-border investigation: Hans-Martin Tillack, Iliès Hagoug, Laurens Groeneveld, Oliver Kund, Jarno Liski, Aino Vasankari, Daniel Flis, Zuzana Sotova, Robert Barca, Lukáš Diko, Anna Myroniuk en Valeryia Egoshina.

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