Credit: Frank Meijer

How Thierry Baudet’s mentor became a cog in Putin’s PR machine

By The Investigative Desk, | 29 October, 2022

A big investigation by The Investigative Desk in collaboration with Follow the Money and Platform Authentic Journalism uncovered new information about John Laughland, the “party ideologue” of the Dutch right wing party Forum for Democracy and his role in an international conservative network with direct ties to pro-Kremlin ideologues. 

It turns out that Laughland fits exactly in the method by which the KGB of the Soviet Union used to recruit ‘enablers’: people who are not active agents, but spread pro-Russian information through their views and publications. In doing so, Laughland played a role in setting up a new European network of conservative politicians and NGOs in cooperation with the Orthodox and Catholic Church.

Read the full story on FTM (in Dutch).

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