High stakes, the political biography of Shell

By Marcel Metze, | 11 May, 2023

Shell knows the ways to the highest circles as well as the shortcuts through the political swamps. The oil and gas giant operates in 70 countries. Most are not democratic constitutional states. Shell – until recently Royal Dutch Shell – has to deal daily with weak or autocratic governments, corruption, unrest, war and terrorism. How does it navigate through these?

Investigative journalist Marcel Metze followed the company for years. With a team of researchers, he dug into archives, obtained internal documents, and spoke to (former) employees at all levels. The result is a fascinating dive under the bonnet: the political biography of Shell.

Order the book from Balans publishers or read the articles about the book in FD, Nederlands Dagblad, Telegraaf, Trouw, Knack and AD or listen to a fragment from radio program OVT (all in Dutch).

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