Gazprom operates gas pipeline to Turkey and Southern Europe from Amsterdam

The control room of Turk Stream, the southern brother of the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, is located above a Coolblue shop on the Amsterdam Zuidas. That the headquarters of Gazprom subsidiary South Stream Transport B.V. was located in the Netherlands was known, but The Investigative Desk and Follow The Money discovered that from its office in the Dutch capital, Gazprom monitors the pipeline that the Kremlin uses to cut off the transit of gas through Ukraine. 

By Ties Keyzer, Daniël van Kessel and Henk Willem Smits | 26 March 2022

How did a Russian-Turkish pipeline end up on the Zuidas? And could the Netherlands possibly hurt Vladimir Putin with this? Read the story here.

Read the full article on Follow The Money (in Dutch). 

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