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The Investigative Desk Newsletter / January 2024

By No items found | 24 January, 2024

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Dear reader,

Here are three stories we produced in the final weeks of 2023.
In 2023 The Investigative Desk published stories based on 22 investigations, somewhat less in number than the yeart before but larger in scope.

One of these investigations, as the regular reader of this newsletter may remember, was the Forever Pollution Project about the production of pfas-chemicals in Europe – an international collaboration which was initiated by us, lasted a year and resulted in 70 stories.

A second was a large international investigation into NATO’s ammunition shortages, caused by the war in Ukraine. A third, extremely complicated one, started in early 2023 and is ongoing: an investigation into tax avoidance by the tobacco industry in Africa.

At the moment, we are working on around 30 projects.

We are a non-profit organisation with an exclusive focus on investigative journalism. We publish our stories in mainstream media (print, broadcast and online). This means we do not have any income from advertisers or paid subscriptions. We fund our projects from a variety of sources: structural philanthropic funding, projects subsidies, scientific grants, publication fees and private donations.

In this troubled world, with disinformation rampant, investigative journalism remains of prime importance. As you know, this type of journalism is time-consuming and costly. We therefore thank all our donors, and promise them that we will use their generous support as efficiently as possible.

Marcel Metze
editor-in-chief and director
January 2024

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