We are a co-operative of highly specialised investigative journalists. We focus on multinational companies and their interactions with politicians, government officials and public institutions in Europe and elsewhere. In our view, thorough investigations – preferably in cross-border, multi-disciplinary collaboration – are fundamental for developing the ground-breaking and change-generating reports we want to offer the public.


Our reporters focus on the defence & security, energy, food, pharmaceutical & healthcare, and tobacco industries.


Tobacco giants channel billions of euros through the Netherlands

Four tobacco companies channel about 40 per cent of their annual profits through the Netherlands to avoid taxes. Despite international measures, this has not yet …


Big Tobacco, Small Tax Bill

New research from the Investigative Desk with support from the University of Bath shows, for the first time on this scale, which tax avoidance methods …


Women not underrepresented in clinical trials

A Dutch advocacy group claims that women receive worse care than men, because pharmaceutical companies do not sufficiently test their medicines on women. A shocking …

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