We are a co-operative of highly specialised investigative journalists. We focus on multinational companies and their interactions with politicians, government officials and public institutions in Europe and elsewhere. In our view, thorough investigations – preferably in cross-border, multi-disciplinary collaboration – are fundamental for developing the ground-breaking and change-generating reports we want to offer the public.


Our reporters focus on the defence & security, energy, food, pharmaceutical & healthcare, and tobacco industries.


‘As long as it is for free’

By Lucien Hordijk & Daan Marselis Most of the demand for (refresher) training courses for doctors in the Netherlands is fulfilled by industry- sponsored programmes. …


From blockbuster to nichebuster

Two decades of EU market protection of ‘orphan’ (rare disease) medicines have greatly benefitted the industry. According to research by The Investigative Desk, published in …


EMA rewrites medicine approval policy

New innovative medicines should be made available to European citizens more quickly. That is why the European Medicines Agency updates the process for market authorisation. …

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